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This is how it works. We love until we don't. We laugh until we cry. We cry until we laugh. Everything begins and ends. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, I hope I didn't squander it.
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24 May 2011

Today, we went to El Prado. It´s probably one on the most confusing museums I have ever been to in my life. Apparently they have great student rates and late hours as well. My student ID from the Spanish learning school gives me a discount as well. I lost my group early on so I headed straight for Los Negros. These are a set of paintings by Francisco Goya during his reclusion in his home Quinto Del Sordo. At the time, Goya had lost faith in humanity and channeled his feelings of hopelessness and depression into the painting. Many of themwere originally painted on the walls of his house. 

They were like nothing that I had ever seen before. The photos on the internet don’t do them justice. They’re more horrific and brutal in person. You could feel Goya´s passion and darkness within them. They leaped from the canvas and stared into your eyes. There was a sort of evilness that radiated from the witches and decrepit half humans.  

After that I rejoined my group where we looked at a couple more paintings. The most famous one out of those is Bosch. The Garden of Earthly Delights is a painting that depicts The Garden of Eden, earth after the Original Sin, and the torture of eternal damnation. It is a 3 paneled painting that has really surreal creativity. The scenes of Earth and Hell are probably as phantasmagoric as Goya´s Los Negros. They´re full of symbolism and hidden imagery. 

Overall, it was pretty intense. There are so many other paintings that are just as amazing, but I need to read further up on.

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